2023 Congregational Lecture

Dr Michael Davies gave the 2023 Lecture entitled ‘John Bunyan, Congregational Person’. The lecture took place at Bunyan Meeting, Mill Street, Bedford, MK40 3EU on Thursday 23rd November 2023.

The lecture can be viewed via the following link.

2023 Congregational Lecture

Dr Davies teaches early modern English literature at the University of Liverpool across a range of periods, from the poetry, prose, and drama of the Renaissance to the works of Restoration and eighteenth-century authors as varied as John Bunyan and the Earl of Rochester, Jonathan Swift and William Cowper. His current research projects concern the writing of Dissent in the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Calvinism in Elizabethan and Jacobean drama, particularly Shakespeare, as well as the relationship between literature, religion, and politics in the Restoration. He is also interested in the English Revolution, the writings of eighteenth-century authors of the Dissenting or Calvinist traditions – such as Daniel Defoe and William Cowper – as well as in John Bunyan’s ‘afterlife’ in the twentieth century.

With Bob Owens, he has edited The Oxford Handbook of John Bunyan. He is currently preparing for OUP a scholarly edition, The Bunyan Church Book, 1650-1710.

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