We have several regular events occurring throughout the year, open up the tabs below to find out more.

Each year the Friends’ committee organises a lecture, which is an opportunity for scholars to do research and contribute to the thinking of those in the Reformed tradition and add to the theological thought of the whole Church. The lecture usually takes place in November at Dr Williams’s Library in Gordon Square, London.

The 2020 Lecture (delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic) took place on Thursday 28th January 2021. Jane Shaw, Principal of Harris Manchester College and Professor of the History of Religion at the University of Oxford spoke on the subject, Nonconformists and the Modern Revival of Mysticism.

The 2021 Annual Lecture will take place on Thursday 11th November 2021. Rev Dr John Campbell will give the lecture entitled A Creative Inheritance – applying a nonconformist gifting in Biblical Interpretation today. 

The subjects of the lecture in recent years are listed below. Friends of the Library can download copies of the lectures in the secure Friends’ area.

Year Lecturer(s) Subject
2019 Anne James and Jean Shammi Remembering the Dead: The Role of manuscript Sermons and Sermon Notes in Researching Early Modern Memorial Practice
2018 Dr David Cornick Through Erik Routley’s Eyes: Theology, Ecumenism and Congregationalism in the 1950s and 1960s
2017 Rev Fleur Houston The Handmaid’s Tale: Ministry, Gender and Power
2016 Prof Clyde Binfield Platform and Pulpit in Peace and War, 1913-1920
2015 Rev Dr Peter C Humphreys Dublin Congregationalism: The Rise and Demise of a Dissenting Tradition
2014 Dr David Ceri Jones George Whitefield and the Revival of Calvinism in Eighteenth Century Britain
2013 Dr Neil E Allison ‘The Spirit of Cromwell’: Nonconformist Chaplains’ War Ministry and Experience (1914-1918)
2012 Prof. John Coffey Brethren or Sectaries? Richard Baxter on the Congregationalists
2011 Rev Dr Janet Wootton Hymnody: A Sung Theology that Changed the World
2010 Prof. John Briggs Two Congregational Denominations: Baptist and Paedobaptist
2009 Dr Stephen Orchard Congregationalism and Catholicity
2008 Dr Elaine Kay ‘A Way of Gospel Obedience’: The Church Meeting in Congregational Tradition and Practice
2007 Dr Robert Pope Emerging Church: Congregation or Aberration
2006 Prof. Keith Robbins Foreign Encounters: English Congregationalism, Germany and the United States c.1850-1914
2005 Dr Chad B Van Dixhoorn A Dat at the Westminster Assembly
2004 Prof M A Stewart Independency of the Mind in Early Dissent
2003 Rev Kirsty Thorpe Daughters of Dissent
2002 Rev Dr David M Thompson The Decline of Congregationalism in the 20th Century
2001 Rev Dr Paul Blackham Thomas Goodwin: Word and Spirit
2000 Rev Dr Jack McKelvey Recovering the Book of Revelation
1999 Rev Dr Alan Argent Isaac Watts: Poet, Thinker, Pastor
1998 Rev Dr David Hilborn ‘The Words of our Lips’: Language-use in Free Church Worship
1997 Rev Dr Susan Durber A Prodical Daughter’Posting’ the Bible: Post Structuralism and the Parables
1996 Dr Clyde Binfield A Congregational Formation: An Edwardian Prime Minister’s Victorian Education
1995 Rev Barrie D Scopes ‘Fire in the Belly’ : Motivation for Mission in the LMS/CWM over Two Centuries
1994 Rev Dr John Travell ‘The Necessity of God’: The Message and Ministry of Leslie D. Weatherhead
1993 Rev Alan Tovey Whatever Happened to the Separatists? A Commemoration of the Martyrdom of Barrow, Greenwood and Penry 1591
1992 John Creasey The Congregational Library
1991 Rev Dr Alan P F Sell Rhetoric and Reality: Theological Reflections upon Congregationalism and its Heirs
1990 Rev Dr Peter C Jupp From Dust to Ashes: The Replacement of Burial by Cremation in England 1840-1867
1989 Rev Dr Janet Wootton Dissent BC: The Old Testament’s Untold Story
1988 Rev Dr Colin Gunton The Transcendent Lord: The Spirit and the Church in Calvinist and Cappadocian
1987 Rev Dr Tudur Jones John Robinson (1576-1625): His Vision of Church Society

The 2021 Portrait Exhibition will be at Bunyan Meeting, Mill St, Bedford MK40 3EU, running from 13th to 25th September 2021. Look out for further details here in due course.

Due to Covid, future plans remain uncertain.