Library FAQs

Readers Information
Manuscript & Rare Book Readers
The Library has a very restricted service at present while it goes
through the process of finding new premises or a new partner. All
researchers wishing to access manuscripts will need to make an
appointment first. A reading room at Trinity Congregational Church,
Brixton will be available to readers.
Please write to the Archivist if you wish to consult
manuscripts or rare books. An appointment will be made with the
archival staff.
1. Manuscripts and rare books need to be ordered in advance.
2. Please write to archival staff for instructions.
3. Manuscript and rare book readers will need to register for a
manuscript/rare book readers’ tickets. We ask you to bring a
passport, photographic national identity card, or driving
licence, and one other item, such as a bank statement, utility
bill, or tax charge, with your current address.
4. Tickets must be shown on each visit to the manuscript reading
5. A limit of 3 items can be ordered for any one day. This can
only be waived at the discretion of the archival staff.
6. New manuscript/rare book readers will undergo a ten-minute
training session on how to handle manuscripts and rare books.
Please familiarise yourself with the Library access regulations before visiting the Library

Due to the Library’s temporary closure, it is not currently possible to borrow books from the Congregational Library. In order to prevent loss or damage to library materials, items can only be viewed by attending the Library.

Yes, see the Collections pages for how to access catalogues.

No, but there may be photocopy charges to reproduce non-copyright material or to obtain digital images.

The Library would be pleased to accept both older and contemporary original manuscript materials including diaries and sermons. In the first instance please contact to discuss this. At present while the Library searches for new premises it is difficult for the Library to accept new material, but exceptions may be made for items of particular interest or value.